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Mackie Digital 8Bus D8B v5.1 Owner’s Manual

Supports The Setup Video To help you get the console out of the box and safely installed and running, Mackie provides a nice video. The Manual The manual is comprehensive, and in many respects it is a model example of the genre that should be required reading for all software publishers and computer manufacturers. With that said, the manual is not perfect, and occasionally it leaves way too much to the imagination.

The discussion of levels is a little shaky and some other discussions are less than totally adequate. According to Mackie, you can hook this up to a PC via an Ethernet hub and from there have your console talk via a modem and the Internet directly to Mackie for updates. There are 24 channels showing on the control surface at any given moment, and you can switch between the four surfaces.

Mackie s hookup guide. 4 Replies. Power Sources — This Mackie product should be connected to a power supply only of the type described in these operating instructions or as marked on this Mackie product. Power Cord Protection — Power supply cords should be routed so that The D8B Version 3. Figure Completing the Microphone Signal Path.

This mixer is bound to make many home studio operators very happy. Note the model number Here that means 4 bus, 28 channels. Don’t think that because the board is “analog” that it is “old” and not as good. People love the dedicated faders knobs, the warm sound, and the immediate response of the sound to the twist of a tweak. There’s no menus, no abstracted multi-function controls, the knobs and faders actually control the audio voltage going down the wire.

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Somewhere between Chichester and Portsmouth. UK Posted 20 August – I find running the desk from a laptop only is not that good. I have done it, but will avoid doing it again for any event using more than about 4 inputs. The main reasons for this are that navigating from one channel to another is menu driven on the laptop, so takes much longer than the one or two button presses it takes on the desk.

And that without the desk I am limited in my metering to the channel I am working on or a lot of meters – but then I can not adjust anything.

Feb 28,  · I give a tutorial on how to duck audio on a Mackie profx 12 mixerboard audio ducking.

If Stop or Play will punch out of recording. Operation Guide Pre-Roll Time Preroll is the amount of you want to start rolling a few seconds before hand. Negative can Negative can be selected from the TC Offset menu. Operation Guide To copy Projects between the session. Punch is an automatic recording feature that switches a punch-in point LOC 3 , and takes it out of Record at the specified punch-out point LOC 4.

Then choose the Set Virtual should display all ones. This means that to begin with all the tracks are playing back their first virtual track. Press the OK select button to leave the Track is canceled. On digital recorder meters, zero. This is normally what you will choose. Read on for more detailed information about each edit type.

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Articles What our customers say Nice one Everything looks cool – I’ll spend the day tomorrow re-arranging the studio and installing the new leads Chris Snowdon Great company and great service. We have used Leads Direct on various occasions for all sorts of weird and wonderful leads that we use in the telecoms industry. From helpful advice on the phone, to speed of order completion and delivery even on custom made cables I can’t fault them.

We will continue to use them for all our non-standard cable requirements.

Manual Console Mackie 32 8 2 8- Bus Mixing 2 extremely low-noise Mackie Vita™ mic preamps designed to add life to any input, All-new ReadyFX™ effects 8 .

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able web editions of Mackie’s Product Hook-Up Guide. Since , we’ve been including these DFX Series compact effects mixers, the D8B digital console, the HDR24/96 hard disk recorder, PPM Series powered mixers, the FR Series amplifi ers, SR Series front-of-house mixers, and our Active.

Our resulting innovative audio packaging not only garnered us substantial acclaim, but the Television Industry community recognized us by awarding Blister with a Gold Promax statue, an award whose significance seemed all the more surreal since our competitors were some of the networks themselves! While I had already won a couple of CLIOs, and Michael a mention in the New York Times for his work on games, it was this award that finally made me feel like we had arrived.

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The D8B is designed to grow with the audio industry. Each software revision provides new features and capabilities, updating your console and ensuring that your investment remains current for many years to come. Page 11 Keyboard 2. Connect the data cable between the Remote CPU and the console. Rotate the thumbscrews on each connector clockwise until they are finger tight. Connect the detachable linecord to the Remote CPU.

Step. Connect the other end of the audio cable to the RCA line-in or auxiliary jacks on the mixer. If the mixer does not have RCA ports, use an RCA-to-1/4-inch adapter to connect the Mac to the mixer board.

The Onyx 80 Series of mixers feature all-new analog -channel Onyx , channel Onyx , channel Onyx , and the flagship -Start Guide to help you get the mixer set up fast so you can start using Mackie Onyx Owner’s Manual – Page 5 know how you want to connect the Onyx 80 Series mixing console, go ahead and through the mixer, follow these steps: Plug a microphone or other signal source into channel music for prolonged periods.

Please see the Safety Instructions on page 2 for information on hearing protection. The Main distribution amplifier to provide individual monitor level control for the talent. The Matrix A output provides a custom mix for a mono recording and the Matrix B output provides a custom mix for the nursery. Be careful with older ribbon microphones. So when is 0 VU actually 0 dBu?

d8b ProBox booting up

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