1D Preference: You Have His Kid After A Breakup And He Doesn’t Know (Liam)

Holy crap I hate this idk. Please tell me what you think here Niall: You roll your eyes and laugh, following after them. You go to the backyard where the main party is going on. You see Niall sitting around the big picnic table with the rest of your family, chatting his ear off. Your expression falls when you see your sister gripping on his arm. You see her pushing her breasts out to him in her low-cut camisole.

One direction preferences hes dating someone else

Fanfic I am just a girl who loves one direction a lot. I’m a Harry girl but ship Narry hard. I do preferences and I would really appreciate it if you guys read them and give me feed back please check it out in the link and you can request preferences to. You were having an affair with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.

Read He’s Dating Your Best Friend But You Like Him from the story One Direction Preferences by sighhcalum (babygirl) with 9, reads. one, direction, preferen Discover. Discover; You wouldn’t like to think that this song has a certain someone behind the meaning, but Reviews:

You went home one day and saw Harry making out with another girl. You were in line waiting to order when someone taped you on the shoulder. You turned around and saw Louis. Get your coffee and sit down. We need to have a serious discussion. He never wanted to cheat on you. That girl came onto him. You just came in at the wrong time. Please just go and talk to him.

One Direction Preferences

But underneath my sunglasses I’m rolling my eyes Paper has more patience than people. You were both walking down the hallways of the hotel were you had stayed for a couple of days. Harry was on tour with one direction and you decided to join them for a couple of shows. Today you both left to the next country.

He’s Dating your bestfriend: Harry. 1 direction 1direction one direction one direction imagine one direction imagines one direction preference one direction preferences Preference Preferences Imagine Imagines imagine imagines Harry Styles Imagine Harry Styles imagine harry styles imagine harry imagine Harry imagine Harry Imagine.

I love 5 singing idiots. I’m afraid of spoons, can never stop eating and love me a good game of footie! For week he insisted to you and everyone instead of presents and a birthday party he wanted to get presents for all the kids in the hospital. He had puppy dog brown eyes to match his brown semi curly locks of hair. He was practically a replica of his father Liam. Six years ago you had met Liam his life with One Direction was so crazy he broke it off shattering your heart.

Little did you know Conner was growing inside you. After you found out you were pregnant it was months later and Liam was dating another girl. But something in you always longed for the Payne. You arrived at the park but pulled something out of the backseat. It was his favorite colors purple and blue. It said Conner on the back with a couple stars and lightning bolts around the name. His face lit up but then quickly dropped. Sometimes they surprise you.

Preference #25- He’s your best friend and gets jealous… [Part 2]

We take preference and imagine requests. He finds out you have a problem Note: This preference involves things like eating disorders and suicidal actions. If this triggers you in any way, please do not read.

[imagine REQUEST] you’re broken up and he’s jealous of your new boyfriend NIALL: “That last point was totally fair! Harry’s the one who cheated!” Niall defends as he and the other four boys make their.

You have been doing everything you could to beg your boss to allow you to interview Zayn tonight. After an hour of badgering and begging you boss reluctantly agreed. Everything began to shift around you. Lights are turned on chairs place and replaced monitors turn on. You focus on the cue cards in your hands momentarily before setting it on the large desk in front of you. You sigh and turn to see Zayn hovering over you with one eyebrow raised and a menacing smile on his beautiful face.

Preference #152 He’s A Virgin But You’re Not

This is a sideblog where I write preferences, imagines, some smut and occasionally do ships. I like writing a lot: So enjoy it and I hope you like my work!

Read # He’s dating your sister from the story One Direction Preferences and Imagines by NiallHasNoFlaws (Gaby) with 22, reads. onedirectionpreferences, l Reviews: 7.

You decided to get up and got to the door. When you get close, he quickly opens it and pushes right through you. He got upstairs and you decide to follow him up the stairs. You go into his room where he throws his belongings on the bed and he paces around. You open your eyes seeing that he softens up and then he kisses you on the cheek. He never gets mad. But when he gets mad, he gets really mad. You go upstairs but you hear him coming up.

You suddenly look up at him and you see his gaze become softer and he gently kisses you. You wake up at 3am to hear someone clumsy come into the house. You check to see what is going on and you see Niall in the kitchen. Let go of me! He then drops you on the bed. You stand up and you try to get out but he closes the door.

Preference #10 he loses his temper (requested)

The rest of the boys poked Harry around for his little public crush as he blushed. Your jaw hit your lap and you closed your laptop, before your sleeping boyfriend would hear. Later in the day you heard a loud groan and ran to find the noise. You bit your lip. No, you are putting words in my mouth. He slammed the computer shut.

Being Shipped with Someone Else. What He Does When You’re Talking to Someone. Drunk Texts (You to Him) The Trend You Started (Twitter) One Direction Preferences He Is Dared To Date You Pt. 2. Jessie-Marie *Present Day* Today was Niall’s one and only free off day from the studio so you guys decided to spend it wisely and go out and.

I hope you like it! You walked out to the reception, looking around for someone you knew. You felt a tap on your shoulder, turning around. A slow song started as you took his hand, Zayn leading you to the dance floor. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped his around your waist, taking slow steps, back and forth. You looked into his eyes, getting lost in thought. He did the same, smiling back. The song ended, so you walked back over to the table, noticing something sticking out of one of the pockets of your purse.

You pulled out the small piece of paper, seeing a number written on it.

One Direction preference

You two have been like siblings since you were little. You ask me this all the time when I mention him. I thought you would’ve known by now. Just leave me alone. He’s never spoken to you that way before.

“I was saying.. she was so nice that I shouldn’t do this, but i have too, to be with the one i really love.” He muttered, barely audible to anyone else in the room, but there was no-one else. It was meant for you.

Harry I have no idea who requested this, but I hope you like it. But after a few weeks you started noticing that Harry was getting distant, for example, he used to put his hand on the small of your back whenever you went out, so you would walk in front of him, as a way to keep you away from the fans and paparazzi. Now though you were lucky if he kissed you on the cheek before leaving for work.

So of course, you automatically went to assuming the worse, either he was planning on breaking up with you or he was cheating on you. You were both silent as you watched him fixing lunch for the two of you. You had a plan when you first walked in, the plan was to wait until he was done and then sit down and talk about it. He reaches into a drawer and pulls out a magazine before tossing it down next to you on the counter.

So who cares what everyone else thinks? You stand there frozen, unsure of what to do.

How do you ask out a guy that’s already dating someone else?

They knew you were hurt by what happened with Harry and they tried to be there for you. An award show was coming up and you knew that the boys would be attending, which meant that you would see Harry for the first time since everything. You knew that you needed to move on and so you decided you were going to have a date to the award show.

You had a really good friend from school that you still kept in touch with and you both sort of dated for a while back before your life changed. You called him up and asked him and he said yes. The day before the award show, you flew to LA and your friend, Tyler, was going to meet you later that day.

“You look great, Harry” I smiled, fixing his tie so it could fall perfectly against his chest. As my hands smoothed out the fabric, I let my mind wander away.

He had been cold and mad everytime you two had been together. You had invited him over tonight, because I wanted to figure out was he was hiding. The clock was almost 6 now. You have invited him over to 7. You were home alone the whole evening and the next couple days, cause it was holiday in the rest of your family was on holiday, but you was very sad because of all this with Harry, so you stayed home. You changed into some tights, with some denimshorts over, a loose red tshirt and a brown belt in the waist.

The clock was almost 7 now, and you heard someone knocking on the door. You opened, and it was Harry. To your surprise, he was actually smiling to you. You wanted to know what was going on. He was so charming and fit. You went upstairs, and into your room and Harry followed. He acted so different right now. He almost looked a bit sad.

One Direction’s Niall Horan on looking for love: Niall says dating a fan would be a bonus

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